The hardware

  1. The indoor sensor

    ...checks your indoor temperature and how much sunlight that comes into your house.

  2. The control box

    …simultaneously checks the outdoor temperature.

  3. The gateway

    ...receives all the information from the indoor sensor and the control box and transfers it to the cloud.

  4. In the cloud

    ...the data is processed with algorithms, the previous heating patterns of your house as well as your set temperature. And out comes a value!

  5. The gateway

    ...gets the value and in return sends it to...

  6. The control box that it communicates with your heating system and makes sure that you have maximum comfort at minimum cost.

Apps & control

It's alive

Simply said, we collect data for indoor and and outdoor temperature and weather and make sure that you get a consistent indoor temperature - and save energy. Just set your preferred temperature in the mobile app and Ngenic Tune takes care of the rest.

Full overview

In the History section you find graphs over indoor and outdoor temperature that gives you full overview of the heating of your house.

Vacation time!

If you’re going on a vacation you can save both energy and money by using our smart planning function. Fill in the dates and set your preferred temperature, and we’ll make sure the heating is returned to normal by the time you get back.

iPhone and Android

The app is available for iPhone and Android, as well as a web app for computers and Window phones.

Spot price adaption

If you have a price-per-hour agreement you can activate this function and we'll adjust your heating to current prices.

Extra users

You can add extra users in the mobile app if there's someone else in your househould that wants to have access.

History export

Want to crunch the numbers? We offer an export function in the app for that, just set the date interval.


We currently offer both English and Swedish translations - and more languages are on the way.

New functionality

We continuously update the app and as a customer you automatically gets access to new updates.

Alrighty then! Now you know how the hardware and mobile app for Ngenic Tune works. If you want to see what it looks like when it’s all installed you can check out some photos from our customers here.

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