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Ngenic tune is a smart thermostat, an extra brain used to heat up your house. Ngenic tune saves energy and money for you, so that you can do something else.
From SEK 2495.
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Why should I have
a smart thermostat?

There are several reasons. Ngenic Tune is a smart thermostat you control from your pocket loaded with features and benefits.

• Over half of our users save more than 10%
• More consistent indoor temperature
• It supports today's hydronic heating systems
• Install it in 20 minutes

And all this in an app on your mobile. Read more in the carousel below:


More than half of our customers save more than 10 % on their heating costs, some even up to 20 %. The amount of money you can save depends on the amount of heat your house releases, how much sunlight the house is exposed to and the temperature you want in the house.

Ngenic Tune reduce energy consumption by taking into consideration more parameters than your current heat pump or boiler does.

Calculation example:
We calculate for a house built during 1961-1975 that is 140 m2 plus a 40 m2 cellar without additional insulation.

Cost for electricity – SEK 1.3/kWh. Cost for district heating – SEK 0.8/kWh. The calculations are based on data from the Swedish Energy Agency “Energy calculation”.

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With our app you’re in the driver’s seat. You can control, monitor and plan with it. You can use the app regardless of where you are on the planet, since the actual control system is in the cloud. It is designed with a focus on the user and you can choose if you want to use it as a complimentary tool or as your primary interaction point to the heating system in your house.

You can install Ngenic Tune yourself, having your phone in one hand and our boxes in the other. You monitor the system with the phone in your hand and a piña colada in the other. The temperature is controlled with the phone in your hand and a fishing rod in the other.

Click on the arrows on the right and read more about the advantages of Ngenic Tune.

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Ngenic Tune provides a more uniform indoor temperature, which naturally increases comfort – regardless how difficult the weather is. And it is you who set the temperature. It is really very logical. We find out how your house responds to different temperatures and weather and can in this way even out variations with uniform, comfortable heat as the result. Sunlight combined with below zero temperatures is a classical problem that we have solved, and you also save energy. Quite simply – maximum comfort at minimum cost!

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Ngenic Tune can adjust the electricity consumption of your ground source heat pump according to the price of electricity. You save money by buying more electricity when it is cheap and less when it is expensive. And you do it without compromising comfort. You can now arrange your heating so simple that you have time to do more fun things. The saving is automatically taken care of by Ngenic Tune.

* This works if you have an hourly contract for electricity. If not, you now have a good reason to change to an hourly contract.

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The specific properties of a house, such as the amount of sunlight and heat loss, causes your boiler, ground source heat pump or exhaust heat pump to work in a certain way. The special properties of your house will be algorithms to factor in, which means that the longer you use Ngenic Tune, the better the savings and comfort will be.


Weather and ground source heat pumps are not always the best of friends. Especially not in the spring and fall, when the temperature varies and the sun shines strongly one day and is absent the next. Ngenic Tune adjusts your heating according to weather conditions and takes the sunlight that comes in through your window into account.

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With Ngenic Tune you will have full control of your ground source heat pump and your indoor climate. You can control the heating system of the house with your cell phone, surfpad or computer, regardless where you are. All you need is an Internet connection. Then you can see how Ngenic Tune saves energy and money for you on the screen – without having to do anything at all.

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When Ngenic Tune saves energy for you, it also assists in reducing the total energy consumption in Sweden. If we all decided to equip our ground source heat pumps and exhaust heat pumps with Ngenic Tune it would affect Sweden’s entire electricity system. We would, for example, strongly reduce the country’s import of climate-changing fossil fuels and not have the same requirements for reserve oil plants that Sweden currently uses or gas turbines during periods when the wind is not strong enough to set the wind turbine plants in motion.

If only half of Sweden’s ground source heat pumps and exhaust heat pumps were equipped with an Ngenic Tune, we would remove an entire nuclear reactor from e.g. Forsmark’s nuclear power station.

(Regardless of one’s opinion about nuclear power, we are talking about a lot of electricity.)

Compatibility test

Behind the scenes

In order for Ngenic Tune to be as good as it is, you will need three small white boxes in your home. Together they collect information about the weather and indoor and outdoor temperatures and help to precisely control your heat pump according to your preference.

When these are in place you have full control through the app and can control and monitor the heating and at the same time see the heating patterns and follow your energy savings.

  • Wireless indoor sensor

    Mount approx. 1.5 m from the floor in your living room where it will collect info about the sunlight and temperature.

  • Gateway

    In order to access all data in your cell phone – and for Ngenic Tune to make smart savings – we need this box so that it can communicate via the Internet. You can simply connect it to your router or modem through using a regular Internet (Ethernet) cable (which is of course included with the product).

  • Control box

    The control box communicates to your heating system what must be done to give you the right temperature regardless of weather or wind. If it at any time loses contact with the Internet, or if other errors occur, the control box will automatically enter into a ”Smart Passive mode”, which returns the control to your pump.

On stage

It is in your phone, tablet, or computer that the magic happens. This is where you experience your smart thermostat and see the benefits and your savings. But what we do is so much larger than that, you contribute to a better world by cutting unnecessary heating. Heating that you do not even want, because you can choose what temperature you want and the rest just gets unnecessarily.


Without changing your habits, you save both money and energy. If you only look at energy and want to get more money in your wallet the profit is good. If you look at the whole picture it is huge. You get more features, overview and a freedom that is difficult to measure side by side with the heating curves and 2-row LCD displays.


  • What do I get?

    You get three white boxes and an app. That’s the most import part. In addition to those you also get som extra equipment like a pair of pliers, batteries in the boxes, a paperclip if you need to do a reset, an identification tool to make the installation easier, en ethernet cable, a reset kit and a Y-cable.

  • Does Tune work with mobile internet?

    Yes, as long as it’s always on and connect to a modem that has a ethernet port. So if your planning to have Ngenic Tune in your summerhouse you first need to get internet.

  • Do I need to have wifi?

    No, Ngenic Tune communicates via radio. Therefore you only need an ethernet cable from your modem or router to our gateway for the service to work.

  • How does Ngenic Tune work with floor heating?

    Ngenic Tune works well with floor heating and can also be used in houses that for example has floor heating on the bottom floor and radiators on the top floor.

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