With Gridtuner, you can balance the load of your electrical or district heating grid – while your customers become smarter energy consumers. Gridtuner uses our Ngenic Tune technology to optimize your grid and provide customers with an even and comfortable indoor temperature, which they can also control themselves. All this while working together to modernise the entire energy system towards a digital, smart and effective future.

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Simple overview.
Advanced control.

With Gridtuner, it’s easy to get an overview of how the energy supply looks at the end customer level with the add-on Ngenic Track. It allows for better operational optimization and grid planning – but also better understanding and forecasting, both from a short-term operational perspective and for a longer investment horizon.

Despite its advanced features, the app’s interface is user-friendly and provides a good overview for operating personnel. This makes it easy to quickly make decisions about measures in the network and thus provide increased control and security.

Increased energy delivery.
Fewer steps.

Gridtuner makes use of the grid’s existing infrastructure. A major advantage of this is that the effect is significantly better – without costly network renovations. With Gridtuner lowering a few of the highest power peaks in the grid, more energy can be supplied, and because the infrastructure is a large part of the cost of the distribution of energy, this means increased profitability and competitiveness. More people can share the same costs – and it benefits everyone, both you as an energy company and the end customers.

An independent actor.
Several advantages for both electrical grids and district heating networks.

We at Ngenic are Sweden’s leading independent actor in aggregated energy services and customer flexibility. Gridtuner makes a difference – both for those with electrical grids and district heating networks. Find out how!

Electrical grids

  • Lower your costs for network overheads
  • Avoid peaks and reduce the risk of fines
  • Meet the flexibility of demand (more important than ever due to the increased share of renewable energy production and the transformation of the transport sector)
  • Give your customers an optimal indoor climate, reduced consumption and easy temperature control

Upplands Energi’s power grid, north of Uppsala, has used Gridtuner since 2014. The heat pumps in homes help reduce the load on the electrical grid – without loss of comfort or increased network charges. Everyone benefits!

District heating networks

  • Control the load on your network to avoid expensive peak load generation
  • Supply up to 20 % more energy in the existing network
  • Reduce losses and increase service life
  • Prioritise hot water preparation where relevant
  • Get a smarter network that leads to a better economy and the environment
  • Give your customers an optimal indoor climate, reduced consumption and easy temperature control

The district heating network in Åre is the first in the world where the entire network is digitalized– and also includes control by the customers. Ngenic Gridtuner distributes the water-based heat better within the area and saves about 250 MWh of energy per year.

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