Ngenic Track

Ngenic Track gives you a full overview of the energy usage in your house. Simply attach it to your energy meter and get your the data in the mobile app.

Why should you have an Ngenic Track?

Full overview

Ngenic Track gives you a complete overview of your energy data. The mobile app displays both real-time data and your historical usage.

Real data

Avoid surprises when your monthly bill arrives. Ngenic Track collects actual data which you can see directly in the mobile app.

Works with Ngenic Tune

Ngenic Track is an add-on for Ngenic Tune and with both of them installed you can compare temperatures and energy usage in the History section.

How it works

Wondering how to install Ngenic Track? It’s as easy as a walk in the park! You start the installation from the Ngenic Tune app and then simply place your Ngenic Track on the reading eye or blink indicator of your energy meter. Now data will be collected and displayed in the mobile app.

Extender for Ngenic Track

If your energy meter is placed in a metal cabinet with bad reception, you can buy our extender and place Ngenic Track outside the cabinet.

Ngenic Track in your phone

You can see all the data for Ngenic Track in the same mobile app that you use for Ngenic Tune. You get all of the data in the sama place with all of the smart functions.

See real-time power data

See real-time power data

In the Home view you can see real-time data for your current power usage. Can’t remember if you turned the stove off? Just check the app!

Historical data

Historical data

In the History view, you see your historical energy usage and can switch between views for Day, Month or Year. Did that new fancy dishwasher really reduce your carbon footprint?


For Ngenic Track to work you need to have the smart thermostat Ngenic Tune installed in your house. Track is an add-on for Tune and currently not available as a stand-alone product.

Ngenic Track today supports almost every energy meter, both for electric and district heating. If you’re still feeling unsure, you can contact our support at

If your energy meter doesn’t have the standardized magnet mounting, you can instead use the velcro mount included with Ngenic Track.

Handla Ngenic Track

Ngenic Track

895 kr

Free delivery in Sweden
Free trial for 30 days
Requires Ngenic Tune1


1In order to install Ngenic Track you need to have the smart thermostat Ngenic Tune.