Ngenic Track

Keep track of energy consumption and avoid being surprised when your bill comes. With Ngenic Track, an easy-to-install add-on to Ngenic Tune, you can easily view both real-time power data and historical consumption in the app. All the data in one place!

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One extra box.
Lots of benefits.

Ngenic Track consists of an extra white box that you can easily attach to the energy meter’s optical port or blink indicator. With Ngenic Track installed you can see both real-time power data and historical consumption in the Ngenic Tune app.

Our simple installation setup guides you through the easy steps of getting Ngenic Track in place – so that you can have full overview of your consumption.

Add-on for Ngenic Tune.

In order to install Ngenic Track you need to have Ngenic Tune – a smart thermostat for water-based heating that gives you a better indoor climate while reducing your consumption and saving you money.

Steel cabinet?
No worries.

Is your energy meter placed in a steel cabinet? No worries! Buy our extender which makes it possible to place Ngenic Track outside the cabinet.

  • Real-time power data

    In the Home view you can see your power data in real-time. Can’t remember if you turned off the stove? Check the app!

  • Historical data

    The History view makes it easy to compare time periods and consumption patterns. Filter by day, month or year.

  • Electricity prices

    Want to keep an eye on electricity prices? Activate ”Show electricity prices” to see prices for the whole day in your price area.

  • Export data

    Want to analyse your data in-depth? Easily export it in CSV format by choosing your preferred date interval.


Ngenic Track supports almost every energy meter – both electric and district heating. If you are still feeling unsure, you can always check our list of compatible energy meters.

Common questions

The range depends on a number of factors including type of materials in the walls and if there are other wireless networks nearby. Ngenic Track has the same signal range as the indoor sensor for Ngenic Tune – around 500m with a clear view.

Identifying what type of meter you have can sometimes be tricky. If your are unsure – send a photo of your meter to and we will help you.

Get a full overview of your energy usage.

Ngenic Track

895 SEK
  • Free delivery in Sweden
  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Requires Ngenic Tune
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