Fairshare AMR

Fairshare is a complete system that takes all fairness factors into account when it comes to individual measurement and billing (AMR). The result is a fair distribution of consumption, better energy performance and lower costs.

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Why should I use AMR?

Fair distribution of consumption
This leads to a better mood amongst the residents.

Lower costs for everyone
Through lower consumption and lower fixed costs.

Legal requirements
From 1 July 2021, there is a legal requirement to install AMR for electricity, heat and hot water.

Pays off in 2-4 years
An investment that pays off in 2-4 years based on current tariffs for electricity and water.

The energy system of the future
AMR provides optimal conditions for future energy solutions. For example, if you are going to install solar cells or charging facilities for electric cars, your investment calculation will improve.

Fair for everyone.
Tailored to the individual.

An apartment building is a miniature society in which all people are different and have different needs and conditions. Fairshare takes all the different factors into account and makes consumption clear for both the residents and you as the property owner. Individual billing also leads to a reduction in the use of electricity and water – resulting in lower energy costs and a higher value of the property.

Shared electric utility account

By choosing a shared electric utility account, the residents save approximately 1000 – 2000 SEK/year thanks to removing each residents need for individual utility accounts. For those of you with solar panels, a shared utility account will enable a more efficient use of the power your panels produce by distributing it among the residents instead of selling the surplus to the grid at lower than purchase price. We will help you with a turn key solution.

Get an overview.
Dive into the details.

As a property owner, you can easily get an overview of your properties. You can quickly identify the consumption peaks – where they are and when they occur. A compilation of the statistics is sent to both property managers and residents via app, website or apartment displays. The statistics sent back to the property manager can then be used as a basis for billing, which we can also optionally handle together with our partners. Communication is based on standard technologies such as MBUS, w-MBUS, Modbus, TCP/IP and LoRa. External communication is handled against various property information systems according to the BIM fastAPI standard, which guarantees open integration and futureproofing.

Set the foundation with Fairshare.
Develop with Tune Highrise.

With the Tune Highrise control add-on, we take all parameters into account – such as sun, wind and the residents’ activities. It provides precise control, which in turn provides improved living comfort and reduced heating costs.

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