Ngenic Tune works... right?

Jonathan Jonathan  •  Mar 20, 2019

At Ngenic we strongly believe in the quality of our products, we put our heart and soul into their perfection! This is especially true for Ngenic Tune; we love it, it's our baby. Lucky for us, there's a ton of ad hoc evidence suggesting that Tune performs its function exceedingly well: positive reviews on social media, comments from satisfied customers, successful pilot projects, personal experience, and so on.

When you love something as much as we love Tune, it's easy to convince yourself that it works. But love has a tendency to cloud your judgment. Therefore we decided it would be interesting to try and see if our belief in Tune would hold up in the harsh light of scientific scrutiny. Can we devise an empirical test and prove our hypothesis rigorously enough for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal? It turns out the answer is yes!