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How the hardware works

  • The indoor sensor

    … checks your indoor temperature and how much sunlight comes into your house.

  • At the same time

    … checks the control box for outdoor temperature.

  • They send the information

    … to the gateway, which in turn sends the info to your modem or router and up to the cloud.

  • In the cloud

    ... data is run with algorithms and your house's previous heating patterns, as well as the desired temperature. The result is a value.

  • The value is sent back

    ... to the gateway which in turn sends it on to...

  • The control box

    ... so that it communicates with your heating system and makes sure that you have maximum comfort at minimum cost.

That's how Ngenic Tune works.

Apps & control

  • It's alive!

    Simply said, we collect accessible data – indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, and weather – and then we let you choose how warm you want it to be indoors. Then one by one the advantages accumulate: you save energy, you get a more uniform indoor climate than you can get from your heating pump today, and you get a ”temperature taker” inside your house via the Internet, regardless where you are in the world.

  • More than just data

    Not only do you get all the data you need, you will be proud to show your savings* in percentages and money. We track the heating patterns for your house, and you can see via the app when we reduce or increase the power in your pump. We also have smart planning for holidays or other occasions when the temperature does not have to be the same as during weekdays.

    *Your calculated savings depend on how much information you feed in via the app pertaining to your house and its characteristics.

  • More on the way

    The Tune-app will soon contain more interactive functions. It will work with iPhone and Android and will even be able to log in via the Internet if you want use the functions through a computer or a Windows telephone.

    You will still be able to monitor and manage/change your indoor temperature as usual – as often as you want to. However when you want automatic control – saving you energy and giving you comfortable heat – you don’t have to anything.

This is what is most important about the Ngenic Tune app.

Ngenic Tune is a very good example of how modern technology can both make life easier and save money for our customers.

– Joacim Eronen, CEO Upplands Energi

Can I test Tune free of charge?

If you are not satisfied or have changed your mind, you can return the boxes within 30 days. We will then return the money to your account, regardless which method of payment you have used. We will also pay for the return shipping. You can thus test Tune for 30 days without risking anything.