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Buying from us

All purchases from our site are protected by encryption and are made via our payment partner Mondido. We guarantee that we will not sell your information to others and we take full responsibility that the purchase is done correctly.

If you choose to pay via invoice, we use Billogram as our payment partner. We have same level of encryption and security focus for invoice purchases as well.

If you want to cancel, you have 14 days in which to do so according to the law regarding online or catalog purchases, however we allow you 30 days to cancel your purchase.
We accept most charge and credit cards available in Sweden, and you are also be able to choose payment by invoice (a billing fee of SEK 19 will then apply).

If you have any problems, you are always welcome to contact us at support@ngenic.se. We will then contact you within 48 hours.


  • What do I get?

    You get three white boxes and an app. That’s the most import part. In addition to those you also get som extra equipment like a pair of pliers, batteries in the boxes, a paperclip if you need to do a reset, an identification tool to make the installation easier, en ethernet cable, a reset kit and a Y-cable.

  • Does Tune work with mobile internet?

    Yes, as long as it’s always on and connect to a modem that has a ethernet port. So if your planning to have Ngenic Tune in your summerhouse you first need to get internet.

  • Do I need to have wifi?

    No, Ngenic Tune communicates via radio. Therefore you only need an ethernet cable from your modem or router to our gateway for the service to work.

  • How does Ngenic Tune work with floor heating?

    Ngenic Tune works well with floor heating and can also be used in houses that for example has floor heating on the bottom floor and radiators on the top floor.