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This is how to install Ngenic Tune

It will take approx. 20 minutes to install. And remember, you do not need to be an installer or IT-specialist – because it's so easy. We include everything you will need, including reassurance.
  • Gateway

    Connect the Ethernet into the gateway from your router or modem. Then connect the power cable.

  • Indoor sensor

    Put in the AAA-batteries and mount the indoor sensor onto the wall in e.g. your living room. The box must not be exposed direct sunlight, but should be placed so that it can register the light at a height of approx. 1.5 m from the floor.

  • Control box

    Shut off the power to your pump. Then connect the control box by cutting the cables to the outdoor sensor and then connect the control box according to instructions we have included. Sounds harder than it is.

  • App

    You can now logon and see how you can save energy from day to day and achieve an even better indoor climate.

  • We can do the installation for you

    We can offer an installation through our partners. You can order it when you purchase Ngenic Tune – or just get in touch with us afterwards at support@ngenic.se and we will arrange it.

  • If you want to cancel

    All installations are just an addition to your existing router/modem and to your heating system. When you cut the cables to your outdoor sensor they can be reconnected later on. It is easier to do with the reset plug that we send or alternatively with a so-called screw terminal. If you want to cancel you can quite simply always quickly and easily reset your system.


We currently support nearly all ground source heat and exhaust heat pumps, including geothermal heat, ocean heat and ground heating pumps. Even most electric boilers and district heating facilities are supported. Ngenic Tune is compatible with:
  • Nibe
  • IVT*
  • CTC
  • Carrier
  • BOSCH*
  • AutoTerm*
  • Thermia*
  • Danfoss*
* We have not received permission for displaying the respective logotypes on our site.

Do you know what brand and model you have? Then you can get an answer here and now!

We need to get more information from you, please fill in your e-mail address.

Still not feeling confident for some reason? Or do you want to know more about heating pumps? Write to support@ngenic.se and we will get back to you soon.

Ngenic Tune is a very good example of how modern technology can both make life easier and save money for our customers.

– Joacim Eronen, CEO Upplands Energi

Can I test Tune free of charge?

If you are not satisfied or have changed your mind, you can return the boxes within 30 days. We will then return the money to your account, regardless which method of payment you have used. We will also pay for the return shipping. You can thus test Tune for 30 days without risking anything.